Lemon Fanta

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Fanta Lemon is a refreshing, sparkling soft drink with a zingy, fruity taste. It’s made with five Percent lemon juice.

Carbonated water, sugar (Z) or glucose syrup-fructose (J) (see code printed on the packaging), 6% lemon juice from concentrate, acidifiers: malic acid and citric acid, antioxidant ascorbic acid , conservative E-202, stabilizers: E-414 and E-445, sweeteners: E-950 and aspartame, natural flavors, lemon and other natural coloring beta-carotene and aromas.
It contains a source of phenylalanine.

30% reduction of calories compared to a similar drink based on sugars.

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Size | 330 ML

Nutrition Facts

Nutritional Information Per100 ml
Energy Value145 kJ / 34 kcal /

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